Advanced Medical English

Credit hours: 90 This course is designed for medical students to improve their communicative skills in medical English.


Advanced Medical English课程简介:前往报名学习

Advanced Medical English课程简介:

Credit hours: 90 This course is designed for medical students to improve their communicative skills in medical English.


Advanced Medical English课程目录:

Unit 1 The Hippocratic Oath

--1.1 Introduction to the ancient Greek medicine and the global analysis to the Hippocratic Oath

--1.2 The first chapter of the Hippocratic Oath (Part 1-2) refers to the physician’s obligations to th

--1.3 The second chapter of the Hippocratic Oath (Part 3-8) refers to the physician’s obligations to t

--1.4 Reflections on the Hippocratic Oath and writing on the topic “Reflections on the Hippocratic Oat

Unit 2 Patients Have Rights, But Doctors Have Rights, Too

--2.1 Introduction to the history of doctor-patient relationship and three models

--2.2 Patients have rights, with focus on two healthcare advance directives: living will and durable p

--2.3 Doctors have rights, too. Then it deals with the global analysis of the text, detailed study of

Unit 3 Organ Transplantation: Ethical Dilemmas and Policy Choices

--3.1 Introduction to the topic of organ transplantation and some background information, as well as b

--3.2 Detailed analysis of the different parts of the text and some difficult sentences

--3.3 Some useful expressions related to organ transplantation and analysis of the writing devices use

Unit 4 Inside The Autistic Mind

--4.1 A case about a profoundly autistic girl born with some unusual talents and the common characteri

--4.2 Four surprising findings about autism and some useful expressions for discussions about causes

--4.3 The rising incidence of autism and possible causes of the increase

--4.4 How autistic brains are different from normal brains and the learning of related medical terms i

--4.5 The future prospect of autism treatment: new clues from autistic patients’ voice, the learning o

Unit 5 Ethical Issues in the Use of Animals in Biomedical Research

--5.1 Brief introduction to lecture content and lead in to the topic of animal experimentation

--5.2 Ethical concerns in the use of animals in biomedical research

--5.3 Close study of various perspectives on animal experimentation in biomedical research

--5.4 Reflection on the topic of animal experimentation and writing on ‘My views on animal experimenta

Unit 6 Altruism and Payment in Blood Donation

--6.1 Introduction to blood donation and the argument on paid and unpaid blood donation

--6.2 Text structure analysis on how the author introduces the argument, lays out the aim and analyzes

--6.3 Reflections on the Altruism and payment in blood donation and writing on the topic “paid blood d

Unit 7 Genetically Modified Food - The Benefits and The Risks

--7.1 Genetically Modified Food--the Benefits and the Risks

--7.2 Structure Analysis The benefits of GM foods, the issues against GM foods, which way do we go?

--7.3 Text Analysis Difficult concepts & sentences and useful expressions

--7.4 Critical Thinking and Writing Assignment Are Genetically Modified Animals Panacea or Poison?

Final Examination

Advanced Medical English授课教师:

卢凤香-教授 -首都医科大学-医学人文学院


谢春晖-教授 -首都医科大学-医学人文学院

谢春晖教授 研究方向:语言测试


论著: 《医学院校硕士研究生英语听与说》 《医学院校硕士研究生英语视听说》(第二版) 《医学院校硕士研究生英语读与写》(第二版)


教授课程:大学英语、研究生英语、医学英语词汇 研究方向:应用语言学;医学英语 教 材:《医学英语词汇学习新途径》,中国协和医科大学出版社 《医学院校硕士研究生英语读与写(第二版)》,中国人民大学出版社

华瑶-讲师 -首都医科大学-医学人文学院

获奖:北京市高等教育学会研究生英语教学研究分会第七届青年教师教学基本功 比赛特等奖 研究方向:医学英语 获批项目:北京市优秀人才青年骨干教师项目

陶鑫-讲师 -首都医科大学-医学人文学院

获奖:第四届“外教社杯”全国高校外语教学大赛(综合组)全国特等奖、组委会特别荣誉奖 研究方向:英语教学;医学英语 教材: 《涉外护理英语高级教程》 《医学英语视听说II》 《医学英语词汇学习新途径——医学英语之希腊、拉丁语言文化渊源》


获奖: 第七届外教社杯全国高校外语教学大赛(大学英语组)北京赛区综合课组一等奖 第二届中国外语微课大赛全国决赛特等奖 第二届中国外语微课大赛全国决赛一等奖 研究方向:口笔译;医学英语 教材: 《北京地区成人高等学历教育本科学士学位英语统一考试要点精解与训练》


获奖: 首都医科大学青年教师教学基本功大赛综合组二等奖 第二届中国外语微课大赛全国决赛一等奖 第二届中国外语微课大赛全国决赛一等奖 研究方向:语言测试;医学英语 教材: 《北京地区成人高等学历教育本科学士学位英语高分实战训练》

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