Exploring Psychology's Core Concepts

This course will answer questions and more with psychology theories.


Exploring Psychology's Core Concepts课程简介:前往报名学习

Exploring Psychology's Core Concepts课程简介:

This course will answer questions and more with psychology theories.


Exploring Psychology's Core Concepts课程目录:

1 Introduction

--1.1 What is behavior

--1.2 Topics in Psychology

--1.3 The story of the frontal lobe

--1.4 The history of psychology

--1.5 Schools of thoughts in Psychology

2 Brain

--2.1 The Origin of Brain Research

--2.2 Brain Structure

--2.3 Brain Facts,Brain Stem,Cerebellum and,The Limbic System

--2.4 Cerebral Cortex

--2.5 The Neuron and The Nervous System

3 Sensation and Perception

--3.1 Color Vision

--3.2 Visual Illusions

--3.3 The Da Vinci Code

--3.4 Top-down Processing

--3.5 Perceptual Organization

--3.6 Innate and acquired ability in perception

--3.7 Adaptive nature of perception

--3.8 Auditory Perception

--3.9 Perceptions of Smell, Taste and other senses

--3.10 Summary of Sensation and Perception

4 Memory and Attention

--4.1 What is memory

--4.2 Attention and sensory memory

--4.3 Working memory

--4.4 Memory encoding and storage

--4.5 Long-term memory and contextual effects

--4.6 Why do people forget

--4.7 False memory

--4.8 Characteristics of memory

--4.9 Summary: A map of memory

5 Life Span Development(part 1)

--5.1 Overview of development over the life span

--5.2 Prenatal development

--5.3 Neonatal development

--5.4 Infancy:sensory and motor development

--5.5 Theory of attachment

--5.6 Language acquisition

6 Life Span Development(part 2)

--5.7 Emergence of knowledge

--5.8 Theory of mind

--5.9 Parenting styles

--5.10 Adolescence

--5.11 Adulthood

--5.12 Old age

--5.13 Issue in development psychology

Final Exam

Exploring Psychology's Core Concepts授课教师:


钱静,博士,副教授。2006年获英国Warwick University 心理学博士学位。 2007-2008在德国马普研究所人类发展研究中心做博士后研究,2008-2009年在美国哥伦比亚大学决策科学中心做博士后研究。2010年-2015年主讲清华大学全校文化素质核心课《心理学与生活》和《心理学入门》。这两门课曾多次在学生自发创建的“清华晒课厅”里被评为“最推荐课”。

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