Introduction to Human Evolution

Explore human evolutionary history through the human fossil, archaeological and genetic records.


Introduction to Human Evolution课程简介:前往报名学习

Introduction to Human Evolution课程简介:

Explore human evolutionary history through the human fossil, archaeological and genetic records.


Introduction to Human Evolution课程目录:

Week 1: What is anthropology? What is evolution?

--An Introduction to Anth 207.00

--Anthropology and the questions we ask

--What is evolution?

--The basic forces of evolutionary change

--Evolution in action

--Thought question for the weekend

Week 2: Biological variation in the living apes and humans

--The place of humans in the primate world

--Ape and Human Anatomy

-- Ape and Human Skeletal Anatomy

--Ape and Human Life History

--Ape and Human Behavior

--Apes and Humans: Review exercises

--Thought question for the weekend

Week 3: Studying the fossil record

--What is a fossil?

--Dating the fossil record

--Virtual Excavation: "Gone digging"

--What is it? Identifying function from fossils

--What is it? Categorizing biological variation in fossils

--Establishing normality

--Thought question for the weekend

Week 4: The origin of hominins

--The Miocene soup: The age of apes

--What makes a hominin a hominin?

--Primate dentition

--The earliest possible hominins

--Early hominins: review

Week 5: The early Australopithecines

--Obligate bipedality and the earliest Australopithecines

--All about "Lucy"

--Australopithecus afarensis

--Locomotor anatomy

--Australopithecine biology

-- Early Australopithecine: Review

Week 6: The later Australopithecines

--The original Australopithecine - Australopithecus africanus

--Australopithecine behavior

-- Lab: Sexual dimorphism in the Australopithecines

--The newest Australopithecine - Australopithecus sediba

--Review: Australopithecines as the missing link

MIDTERM (Weeks 1-6)

--Evolutionary theory, early hominins, and the Australopithecines

The rise and fall of the "robust" Australopithecines

--The beginning of a new lineage? - The Robust Australopithecines

--Prioritizing mastication - A. robust and A. boisei

--East vs. South, Species vs. Genera

--Lab - Masticatory divergence

--Specialization and the end of a lineage

Week 8: The beginnings of humanity - the origin of Homo

--The beginning of our lineage

--A new adaptive plan: early Homo ecology

--The chicken and the egg: Brain, tools, and diet

--The fossil evidence for early Homo

--Multiple or single lineages?

--Fossil review

--Thought question for the weekend

Week 9: Lower and Middle Pleistocene human evolution

--Homo erectus

--Life in the Pleistocene

--Lab: Archaeology and behavior

--Regional variation

--Culture, cognition, and human evolution

--Fossil Review: Homo erectus

Week 10: The Late Pleistocene and the horizon of modernity

--Defining modernity

--Pre-modern humans in a changing world

--Evolution and culture

--The Neandertals

--Lab: geometric morphometrics

--Pre-modern review

Week 11: "Modern" human origins

--Genetics and human origins

--Replacement or admixture?

--Behavioral "revolutions"

--What is the human species?

--Modern human fossil review

Week 12: Human evolution - past, present, and future

--Evolution did not stop: The strange case of H. florisiensis

--Evolution did not stop: Population expansion and evolutionary acceleration

--Lab: Genetics of modern human origins

--Evolution did not stop: Intensification and domestication

--Evolutionary perspectives on the present

--Post-Pleistocene review

Final Exam: The end of the Australopiths and the evolution of Homo

Introduction to Human Evolution授课教师:

Adam Van Arsdale-助理教授-韦尔斯利学院-人类学系


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