Flower Arrangements in China and Japan

Pursuing the philosophy of harmony between man and nature, covering the knowledgeof Chinese, Japanese and Western flower art;


Flower Arrangements in China and Japan课程简介:前往报名学习

Flower Arrangements in China and Japan课程简介:

Pursuing the philosophy of harmony between man and nature, covering the knowledgeof Chinese, Japanese and Western flower art;


Flower Arrangements in China and Japan课程目录:

0 The Concept of Life Aesthetics

--0. 1 Immersed in the Landscape

--0.2 Why We Need Life Aesthetics

--0.3 A Small Interview on Life Aesthetics

--0.4 Course Structure and Content

--0.5 Other Study Advice

1 The Way of Flowers

--1.1 Experience the Beauty of Flowers

--1.2 Experience Elegancy in the Four Seasons

--1.3 Create a Tranquil and Beautiful Life

--1.4 Flower Arrangement and the Way of Flowers

--1.5 Flower Arrangement: Characteristics and Classification

2 Chinese Traditional Flower Arrangement

--2.1 Flower in the Pre-Qin Era

--2.2 Flower Offerings to Buddha

--2.3 Tang Dynasty Women’s Hairpin Flower

--2.4.1 Life Aesthetics in the Song Dynasty

--2.4.2 The Philosophy of Daoism

--2.4.3The Talent of Song Huizong

--2.5.1Flower Arrangement as one of the Four Arts of Life

--2.5.2 Concept Flower and Literati Flower

--2.6Ming Dynasty’s Vase Flower Spectrum

--2.7 Classical Decline

3 Ikebana

--3.1 Origins

--3.2 The Principle of Standing Flower

--3.3 Tearoom Vase Flower

--3.4 Elegant Flower Arrangement

--3.5 New Schools

--3.6Learning Flower Arrangement in Japan

--3.7Japanese Flower Arrangement in the Netherlands

--3.8Schools and Ceremonies of Flower Arrangement

--3.9Comparison of the Development of Chinese and Japanese Flower Arrangement

4 Western Culture of Flower

--4.1 From Ancient Rome to the Middle Age

--4.2 From the Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution

--4.3 Impressionism

--4.4 The Characteristics of Modern Flower Arrangement

--4.5 Contemporary Culture of Flower

--4.6 Dutch Bourgeois Life

--4.7 Comparison of the Development of Chinese, Japanese and Western Flower Arrangement

5 Flowers, Vases, and Tools

--5.1 Classification of Flowers and Plants

--5.2 Flower Faery

--5.3 The Characteristics of Flower Admiration

--5.4The Characteristics of Flower Shaping

--5.5 Flower Calendar

--5.6 Tools for Flower Arrangement

--5.7 The Characteristics of the Forms of Flower Vases

--5.8 The Characteristics of the Material of Flower Vases

--5.9 Trimming for Preserving the Freshness of Flowers

--5.10 Trimming for Shaping of Flowers

6、Colour Matching in Flower Arrangement

--6.1 Flower Colours

--6.2 Comparison of Colours

--6.3 Colour Matching and Colour Harmony

--6.4 Bouquet Colour Matching and Bouquet Making

--6.5 Bouquet Colour Matching Exercise

--6.6 Bouquet Making Exercise

--6.7 Western Style Table Flower Making

--6.8 Western Style Vase Flower Making

7、Basics of Shaping in Flower Arrangement

--7.1 Different Styles of Flower Arrangement

--7.2 Principle of Flower Shape

--7.3 Principle of the Golden Section

--7.4 Piled-up Flower Style

--7.5 Piled-up Flower Style Demonstration

--7.6 Piled-up Flower Style Exercise

--7.7 Standing Flower Style

--7.8 Standing Flower Style Demonstration

--7.9 Standing Flower Style Exercise

--7.10 Basics of Flower Arrangement Photography

--7.11 Frequently Asked Q&A

8、Higher Level Shaping in Flower Arrangement

--8.1 Tilting Style

--8.2 Demonstration 1: Basic Pattern Transformation

--8.3 Demonstration 2: Application of Herbaceous Linear Flower Material

--8.4 Demonstration 3: Combination of Peony and Pine

--8.5 Tilting Style Exercise

--8.6 Cross Style

--8.7 Cross Style Demonstration

--8.8 Combined Style

--8.9 Free Style

--8.10 Frequently Asked Q&A

9、Advanced Level Shaping in Flower Arrangement

--9.1 Vase Flower Shaping and Fixation

--9.2 Standing Style and Piled-up Style in Vase Flower Shaping

--9.3 Tilting Style in Vase Flower Shaping

--9.4 Horizontal Style and Drooping Style in Vase Flower Shaping

--9.5 Demonstration 1: Piled-up Style and Tilting Style

--9.6 Demonstration 2: Drooping Style

--9.7 Demonstration 3: Flower Basket Horizontal Style

--9.8 Demonstration 4: Complete Standing Style

--9.9 Free Style

--9.10 Free Style Demonstration 1: Rustic Charm and Sense of Design

--9.11 Free Style Demonstration 2: Small Combination

--9.12 Free Style Demonstration 3: Green Imagination

10 Comprehensive Application: Exposition of Ikebana Works

--10.1 April Wind (2016, part 1))

--10.2 April Wind (2016, part 2)

--10.5 Course Summary

Final Test

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