Chang'an and Chinese Buddhism

This course is divided into 7 chapters: Characters in Chang’an Buddhism, Buddhist temples, schools, classics, literature, art.


Chang'an and Chinese Buddhism课程简介:前往报名学习

Chang'an and Chinese Buddhism课程简介:

This course is divided into 7 chapters: Characters in Chang’an Buddhism, Buddhist temples, schools, classics, literature, art.


Chang'an and Chinese Buddhism课程目录:

Chapter1:Chang’An and Chinese Eminent Buddhist Monks

--Section 1: Buddhist Lection Translation Master – Kumārajīva

--Section 2: National Backbone – Master Xuanzang

--Section 3: Eminent Scholar – Master Fazang

--Section 4: Monk of Light – Master Shandao

--Section 5:The Authentic from Nan Shan – Master Daoxuan

--Section 6: The Representative of Tang Tantra – Master Huiguo

Chapter 2: Chang’An and Chinese Buddhist Ancestral Courts

--Section 1: Caotang Temple—The Court of East Asian Mādhyamaka

--Section 2: Daci’en Temple—The Court of East Asian Yogācāra

--Section 3: Huayan Temple—The Court of Huayan School

--Section 4: Xiangji Temple—the court of Pure Land

--Section 5 : Jingye Temple—the Court of Risshū

--Section 6: Daxingshan Temple—the Ancestral Court of Tantra

Chapter 3: Chang’an and Chinese Buddhist Scriptures

--Section 1: Chang’an and the Translation of Chinese Buddhist Scriptures

--Section 2: Literati’s Model of Ideal Life —Vimalakirti Sutra

-- Section 3:Splendid Parables -- Lotus Sutra

--Section 4 Breaking the Illusion -- The Diamond Sutra

--Section 5: The Miniature Buddhism Program—Heart Sutra

--Section 6: The Harmonious Avatamsaka Sutra

Chapter 4:Chang’an and Chinese Buddhist Schools

--Section 1: Mādhyamaka of Buddhism in China

--Section 2: Yogācāra of Buddhism in China

--Section 3: Huayan of Buddhism in China

--Section 4: Pure Land of Buddhism in China

--Section 5: Risshū of Buddhism in China

--Section 6: Vajrayana of Buddhism in China

Chapter 5:Chang’an and Chinese Buddhist Literature

--Section 1: Poetry of Chang’an Buddhist Temple in Tang Dynasty

--Section 2: Poem of Daci’en Temple of Tang Dynasty poets

--Section 3: Poems of Chang’an Qinglong Temple

--Section 4: Zen Poems of Chang’an Xiangzhi Temple

--Section 5:“Buddha of Poetry” Wang Wei’s Zen Poems

--Section 6: Anti-Buddhist Movement and Anti-Buddhist Poety in Chang’an in Tang Dynasty

Chapter 6:Chang’An and Chinese Buddhist Art

--Section 1: Chinese Buddhist Music

--Section 2: Chinese Buddhist Dance

--Section 3: Chinese Buddhist Painting

--Section 4: Buddhist Temple Murals

--Section 5: Chinese Buddhist Calligraphy

Chapter 7:Chang’An and Chinese Buddhist History

--Section 1: Chang’An and First Introduction of Buddhism

--Section 2: Chang’An Buddhism and Emperors in Tang Dynasty

--Section 3: Integration of Buddhism and Taoism in Chang’an City

--Section 4: Buddhist life in Chang’an City

--Section 5: International Communication of Chang’an and Chinese Buddhism


--The historical Status of Chang’an and Chinese Buddhism

The final exam

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