Research Methods in Tourism Studies

In this course, you will explore the science of research methods in tourism and hospitality industries.


Research Methods in Tourism Studies课程简介:前往报名学习

Research Methods in Tourism Studies课程简介:

In this course, you will explore the science of research methods in tourism and hospitality industries.


Research Methods in Tourism Studies课程目录:

Week 1 How to Start a Good Research

--1.1 Research Question and Research Objectives

--1.2 Title Design

--1.3 Literature Retrieval Method and Literature Databases

--1.4 Information Collection and Academic Journals in Tourism

--1.5 Literature Reading

Week 2 Qualitative versus Quantitative Approach

--2.1 Philosophical Bases of the Two Approaches

--2.2 Differences between the Two Approaches

--2.3 Be Aware of Your Own Research Views

--2.4 Research Example: Social Tourism

Week 3 Research Design I

-- 3.1 Key Procedures in Qualitative Approach

--3.2 Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis

--3.3 Case Study and Content Analysis

--3.4 Using Coding and Themes in Qualitative Research

--3.5 Using Conceptual Framework in Qualitative Research

Week 4 Research Design II

--4.1 Using Questionnaires in Quantitative Research

--4.2 Using Experiment in Quantitative Research

--4.3 Using Mixed Method

Week 5 Emerging Issues in Tourism and Hospitality Research

--5.1 Current Research Priorities

--5.2 Multi-Level/ Multiple Sources of Date Collection

--5.3 Mixed Method and Interdisciplinary Research

--5.4 Using Delphi Method in Research Design

Week 6 Research Ethics

--6.1 Journal Publication

--6.2 Academic Ethics

Research Methods in Tourism Studies授课教师:

Tingting Liu-Assistant Professor-南开大学-旅游与服务学院

Dr. Tingting Liu is an assistant professor at College of Tourism and Service Management, Nankai University, China. Her research interests cover tourism sociology, qualitative research and tourism consumption.

Daisy Fan--Bournemouth University-Department of Tourism and Hospitality

Dr. Daisy Fan is a Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Hospitality at Bournemouth University, UK. Her research interests include social contact, tourist behaviour and social sustainability.

Carson Lewis Jenkins-Professor-思克莱德大学-

Professor Carson Lewis Jenkins is the emeritus professor of international Tourism University of Strathclyde, Glasgow Scotland and Visiting Professor of College of Tourism and Service Management, Nankai University, previously visiting Scholar, School of Professional Education and Executive Development at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Professor Jenkins is the Elected Fellow of International Academy for the Study of Tourism. His research interests are in tourism policy and planning and the role of tourism in development developing countries. He has been the board member in leading international journals.

Eve Ren-Assistant Professor-澳门旅游学院-

Dr. Eve Ren is an assistant professor in Macao Institute for Tourism Studies. She is the Academic Coordinator for Tourism Retail and Marketing Management program. She holds a doctorate in Hotel and Tourism Management, which she earned at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She has published many papers in top journals for tourism studies.

Scott McCabe-Professor-诺丁汉大学-Business School

Prof. Scott Mccabe is a Professor in Marketing and Tourism and has worked at the University of Nottingham since 2007.He is the co-Editor in Chief of Annals of Tourism Research, and an editorial board member on the Journal of Policy Research in Leisure, Tourism and Events, the Annals of Leisure Research, and the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management.

Hailin Qu-Professor-Oklahoma State University-School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Professor Hailin Qu is the Regents Professor and William E. Davis Distinguished Chair as well as the director of the Center for Hospitality and Tourism Research in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Oklahoma State University. He has been teaching and conducting research in tourism and hospitality management for about 40 years. He has published over 125 refereed articles in a number of national and international top tier business, hospitality and tourism refereed journals.

Marianna Sigala-Professor -University of South Australia-School of Management

Marianna Sigala is a Professor in Tourism and Director of the Centre of Tourism & Leisure Management (CTLM) at the University of South Australia Business School. She is also an academic member of the CERM PI team of UniSA. She is a widely published authority in the area of Service Operations Management and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) applications in Tourism and Hospitality. She also has an interest in e-learning models and pedagogies, having published several research studies in these areas.

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