AP Biology - Part 2: Genetics



AP Biology - Part 2: Genetics课程简介:前往报名学习

AP Biology - Part 2: Genetics课程简介:



AP Biology - Part 2: Genetics课程目录:

Introduction to our course - Genetics

--Introduction to AP Biology

--Learning Content and Goals

Week 1 Genetic Basis of Life (I)

--What to Expect | Week 1

--4.0 Genetic Basis of Life

--4.1 Meiosis

--4.2 Mendelian Genetics

--Week 1 Vocabulary

Week 2 Genetic Basis of Life(II)

--What to Expect | Week 2

--4.3 Chromosomes and Inheritance

--4.4 Molecular Inheritance

--Free-Response Question 1

--Week 2 Vocabulary

Week 3 Gene Activity(I)

--What to Expect | Week 3

--Lab 1: Simulating Meiosis

--Genetic Basis of Life Recap

--Genetic Basis of Life Quiz

--5.0 Gene Activity

--5.1 Gene Expression

--Week 3 Vocabulary

Week 4 Gene Activity(II)

--What to Expect | Week 4

--5.2 Regulating Gene Expression

--5.3 Viruses

--Free-Response Question 2

--Gene Activity Recap

--Gene Activity Quiz

--Week 4 Vocabulary

Week 5 Biotechnology

--What to Expect | Week 5

--6.1 Biotechnology

--Lab 2: Biotechnology - Transformation

--6.2 Genomes and their Evolution

--Free-Response Question 3

--Biotechnology Recap

--Biotechnology Quiz

--Week 5 Vocabulary

Week 6 Review and Examination for Genetics

--Genetics Review

--Genetics Final Exam



--Extra Questions


--End of Course Survey

AP Biology - Part 2: Genetics授课教师:

Lee Ferguson-Teacher-莱斯大学-Biology

Lee Ferguson teaches AP Biology at Allen High School in Allen ISD, north of Dallas. She is an 18-year veteran biology educator. Her biology teaching career began in Plano ISD, where she was named the district’s Secondary Teacher of the Year in 2000. In 2003, Lee began teaching both AP and IB Biology at AHS. In 2010, she was named the state’s Outstanding Biology Teacher Awardee by the Texas Association of Biology Teachers. Outside of the classroom, she participates in a multitude of professional development activities. Lee has been an AP Reader since 2006. Lee is also the founder of the DFW AP Biology Professional Learning Community, an organization of local AP Biology teachers that provides professional development for its members. Lee holds a BA in Biology from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas and an MAT in Science Education from The University of Texas at Dallas.

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