Resistance to Antibacterial Agents

This MOOC is aimed at people interested in Resistance to antibiotics: microbiologists, researchers in infectious diseases and biologists etc.


Resistance to Antibacterial Agents课程:前往报名学习

Resistance to Antibacterial Agents视频慕课课程简介:

This MOOC is aimed at people interested in Resistance to antibiotics: microbiologists, researchers in infectious diseases and biologists etc.


Resistance to Antibacterial Agents课程列表:


W1 Antibacterial agents

-W1-0 Introduction of week 1


-W1.1 - Mode of action current section



-W1.2 - Origin and biosynthesis



-W1.3 - Impact on human health



-W1.4 - Antibiotherapy



-W1.5 - Veterinary usage



-Weekly test 1

W2 Emergence of resistant bacteria

-W2-0 Introduction of week 2


-W2.1 - Resistance mechanisms


--W2.1 - Questions

-W2.2 - Antibacterial resistance in the community and the hospital


--W2.2 - Questions

-W2.3 - Epidemiology of bacterial resistance in Europe


-W2.3 - Questions

-W2.4 - Bacterial resistance in low and middle income countries


-W2.4 - Questions

-Weekly test 2

W3 Detection of resistant bacteria

-W3-0 Introduction of week 3


-W3.1 - Phenotypic approaches


-W3.1 - Questions

-W3.2 - Genotypic approaches


-W3.2 - Questions

-W3.3 - In silico antibiogram: genomic approaches


-W3.3 - Questions

-W3.4 - Automated approaches current section


-W3.4 - Questions

-Weekly test 3

W4 Origin of antibiotic resistance and dessimination

-W4-0 Introduction of week 4


-W4.1 - Natural versus acquired Resistance current section



-W4.2 - Origin of resistance genes current section



-W4.3 - Role of the environment



-W4.4 - Transferability of resistance genes



-W4.5 - Evolution of bacterial populations



-Weekly test 4

W5 Controlling the emergence and spread of bacterial resistance

-W5-0 Introduction of week 5


-W5.1 - Antibiotics stewardship



-W5.2 - Mastering resistance in hospitals current section



-W5.3 - Economic cost of ABR current section



-W5.4 - Social consequences of bacterial resistance current section



-Weekly test 5

W6 New antibiotics and alternatives to antibiotics

-W6-0 Introduction of week 6


-W6.1 - Revisiting "old" molecules current section



-W6.2 - New targets : from leads to candidate




-W6.4 - Phagotherapy



-W6.5 - CRISPR tools to study and fight antibiotic resistance



-Weekly test 6

Resistance to Antibacterial Agents开设学校:巴斯德研究院

Resistance to Antibacterial Agents授课教师:

Béatrice BERÇOT--巴斯德研究院-

Head of the Clinical Bacteriology Laboratory of the St Louis Hospital, Paris. Bacteriologist, medical doctor and Member of the Team Infection, Antimicrobials Modelling Evolution (IAME), Paris-Diderot University.

Didier MAZEL--巴斯德研究院-

Head of the "Bacterial Genome Plasticity" Research Unit, Institut Pasteur. Director of the "Genome analysis" Course Institut Pasteur. Chairman of the Department of "Genomes and Genetic", Institut Pasteur.

Patrick TRIEU-CUOT--巴斯德研究院-

Head of the "Biology of Gram-positive pathogens" Research Unit, Institut Pasteur. Director of the "Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics" Course, Institut Pasteur.


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